Bachelor's Degrees

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Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts, located on the Rectorate Campus, caters for the humanities and social science courses at the UdL. Students receive training that is both specialised and interdisciplinary, which enhances their grounding in the course that they choose. They likewise go on internships to companies or institutions with a view to securing a work placement. In addition, the Faculty of Arts has extended its post graduate programmes to include four masters degrees that, on the one hand, further the careers of participants and, on the other, offer them the opportunity of following a research track.

Faculty of Law, Economics and Tourism

The Faculty of Law, Economics and Tourism is located on the Cappont Campus and is one of the UdL’s best established faculties in terms of tradition and student numbers. Its courses provide a high level of rigorous academic training. The structure of its courses centres on the tourist, legal, business and economic sector. Through the intensive use of new technological innovations and the most advanced teaching methods, the faculty’s programmes focus on the training of professionals who are able to adapt to the changing needs of both business and society – a fact reflected in the high number of students who successfully find employment. Lifelong learning and other activities aimed at professionals and students are also a notable part of the faculty’s course content, in addition to various post-graduate programmes, master degree courses and doctorates run by the faculty’s departments.

Polytechnic School

The Polytechnic School is a technical school of high standards with excellent teaching staff. The school is aware of the professional needs of businesses and prepares students to enter the job market with a high level of scientific and technical skills. The school has considerable international outreach as it facilitates studies abroad and further training in other countries. Its one-to-one student advisory service, the continual monitoring of academic performance and the quality of its teaching staff ensure that the school is an attractive option for higher educational studies.

Faculty of Education, Psychology and Social Worker

The Faculty of Education, Psychology and Social Worker teaches over 1,400 students who are able to choose between five degrees related to education and the social sciences. In addition, it offers a number of university master’s degrees that are both UdL-specific and taught jointly with other universities. All bachelor degree and master’s degree curricula cater for the practical training of students through the practicum, a compulsory subject that is completed at approved workplaces and is intended to bridge the gap between the world of work and academia.

Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine in Lleida is one of the oldest in Europe: medicine was taught in the old Estudi General founded by Jaume II in 1300. Distinguished doctors such as Arnau de Vilanova, after whom the university hospital is named, taught classes at Estudi General until it was closed by Philip V in 1717. The Faculty comprises three buildings. The first building, located on the grounds of the Hospital de Santa Maria, houses central services, the Dean’s Office, the Teaching Office, the Secretarial and Administrative Offices, in addition to the research laboratories in which the first years of the degrees in Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, and Human Nutrition and Diet are taught. In the second building, which is located on the grounds of the Arnau de Vilanova University Hospital, lectures are held for final year degree students in Medicine, and Clinical and Instrumental Practices. The third building is used for both teaching and research and covers an area of some 3,000 m2.

Faculty of Nursing and Physiotherapy

The Faculty of Nursing and Physiotherapy is located on the grounds of the Hospital de Santa Maria and is close to some healthcare facilities. The building has four floors in which classrooms, seminar rooms, laboratories, a computer room and a library are found. All classrooms have excellent audiovisual equipment and the laboratories boast highly sophisticated equipment. In the Arnau de Vilanova University Hospital, lecturers teach students from both the Faculty of Nursing and Physiotherapy and the Faculty of Medicine.

School of Agrifood and Forestry Science and Engineering (ETSEA)

The ETSEA is on the Campus of the School of Agricultural Engineering, which is the largest agri-food and forestry campus in Catalonia and one of the largest in Spain. It was created in 1972 for the Agricultural Engineering studies. Its growth and development have been constant, and currently the degrees taught and the research carried out in this faculty have been recognized for their quality in all agricultural areas: plant, forestry and animal production; food science and technology, and biotechnology. The ETSEA offers the highest quality teaching, adapted to the European Higher Education Area, taught by nationally and internationally recognized lecturers and researchers. In all, around 200 lecturers and researchers teach 16 degrees to approximately 1,500 students. The laboratories and seminars have been adapted to new technologies, allowing for theoretical lectures and practical activities in small groups, and for a continuous assessment of the teaching and learning process.

Affiliated Schools

University School of Labour Relations

The University School of Labour Relations is a private affiliated centre of the UdL. It was constituted in 1990 as a private foundation, aimed at giving academic continuity to the old Social Studies Seminar, founded in 1966. Currently, the centre hosts the degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources. Students receive specialised and interdisciplinary training, and are offered work placements in businesses or institutions that will ensure their job opportunities.

National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia - INEFC

The INEFC is located in the Caparrella Complex, on the outskirts of the city, and is an affiliated school of the UdL. It is equipped for the development of the degree in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport, as well as the university masters’ degrees that are taught there. As regards sports facilities, the INEFC has a heated swimming pool, a sports centre, tatami mats, an exhibit room, a physical fitness room, a weights room, a rugby pitch, throwing areas, an area for jumps and a climbing wall. This equipment is distributed over an area of some 30,000 m2. The centre offers its students the possibility of participating in exchange programmes and work placements.

The Ostelea School of Tourism

The University School of Tourism Ostelea situated in Barcelona is a university centre deprived of international level and ascribed to the Universitat of Lleida. It is specialised in the training of leaders, directors and skilled technicians in the industry of the Hospitality and of the Tourism with passion by the service and a vision multicultural.


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