Affiliated Schools

University School of Labour Relations

The Univesity School of Labour Relations is a private affiliated centre of the UdL. It was constituted in 1990 as a private foundation, aimed at giving academic continuity to the old Social Studies Seminar, founded in 1966. Currently, the centre hosts the degree in Labour Relations and Human Resources. Students receive specialised and interdisciplinary training, and are offered work placements in businesses or institutions that will ensure their job opportunities.

C/ Vallcalent nº 65
25006 Lleida
+34 973 248 993
+34 973 221 818

National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia - INEFC

The INEFC is located in the Caparrella Complex, on the outskirts of the city, and is an affiliated school of the UdL. It is equipped for the development of the degree in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport, as well as the university masters’ degrees that are taught there. As regards sports facilities, the INEFC has a heated swimming pool, a sports centre, tatami mats, an exhibit room, a physical fitness room, a weights room, a rugby pitch, throwing areas, an area for jumps and a climbing wall. This equipment is distributed over an area of some 30,000 m2. The centre offers its students the possibility of participating in exchange programmes and work placements.

Partida de la Caparrella, s/n 
25192 Lleida
+34 973 272 022
+34 973 275 941

The Ostelea School of Tourism

The Ostelea School of Tourism, affiliated to the UdL, offers a degree in International Tourism and four post-graduate courses: Master in Hotel Management and Catering Companies, Master in International Tourism Management, Master in Sport and Leisure Management, and Master in Events Organizations, Protocol and Business Tourism. All these programs are held in Barcelona and, in the following years, the school will progressively increase its university offer due to the high likeliness of international demand.

C. Aragó, 28 i 55
08015  Barcelona
+34 934 005 024
+34 973 275 941

Higher Education Center

The University of Lleida incorporates a subsidiary of the Next International Business School as a center in Madrid. The Higher Education Center (CES) Next inaugurates its offer by offering a Master's Degree in Advanced Political Communication in a blended format.

Centro de Educación Superior Next
C. Alsasua 16, 2º Izquierda
28023 Madrid
+34 917 102 054


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