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The end of the academic year coincides with the beginning of the UdL’s Summer University. Since 1993, a sound offer of summer courses has been built up. The prime objective of each edition has been to design quality courses full of diverse subject matter able to stimulate debate. In addition to specialisation courses, more general training courses have been run on a wide range of subjects that cover art, the humanities, technology law, economics, politics and society, computer applications, teaching, language and literature, the environment, and food and health. The courses are coordinated by university teaching staff and given by a wide range of recognised specialists. The courses taught are selected from among various proposals that are subject to strict selection criteria.

The backdrop offered by the Pyrenees in the Alt Urgell region has been chosen to host the courses. Since 1993, when July comes round, the town of La Seu d’Urgell houses the UdL Summer University’s teaching staff. Every year, the capital of the Alt Urgell is turned into the home of most of the courses that make up this university event. However, in line with the remit to extend the influence of the University all over the Province of Lleida, courses have also been run on a number of occasions in Tremp, Erill la Vall, Solsona, Lleida, Tàrrega and Viella. The contents of such courses are usually linked to the realities of reach region, whether in terms of language, artistic and cultural activities, and the geographical surroundings.

Each year, the poster for the Summer University – the hallmark of each edition – is chosen from among the different proposals submitted to the poster competition that has been held annually since 1998. Each year, an average of 125 teachers and 500 students fill the classrooms and streets of these towns, which gives them a certain youthful and cosmopolitan air. The diversity of the backgrounds and training of the people who attend also contributes to enriching the activity and the human relations of this University, open during the holidays.

In La Seu d’Urgell, the teaching sessions are held in the Joan Brudieu High School, which has recently been refurbished. The students, however, mainly opt to lodge in the Residential and Services Centre, used as a residence for the 1992 Olympic Games.

Together with the intense academic activity, innumerable cultural and leisure activities have also played a major role to the success of the two-week courses. All in all, it is a way of combining academic training and cultural activities in a short space of time outside the traditional framework of the UdL during term time.

Summer University Office

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